Life's full of pressure.
but your mattress doesn't have to be.

Beddo features

  • 10 inch thick premium performance foam
  • Responsive bodyweight distribution
  • Comfort enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules
  • Heat dissipating technology

What's the secret? Our proprietary Pressureless™ Foam System available only from Beddo by Sobakawa®.

A modern take on the classic Japanese shikibuton design, this advanced sleep technology starts with a 10" thick premium performance foam layer filled with billions of comfort-enhancing microscopic air capsules. That means you can enjoy unsurpassed head-to-toe support while relieving painful pressure buildup.

A tosser and turner? No problem. Beddo by Sobakawa® is built to be responsive. Body weight is evenly distributed, significantly reducing motion transfer no matter how much your partner (or dog!) changes position. Plus, excess heat is quickly drawn away so you stay calm, cool and totally rested all night long.

Got a few seconds?

That's all it takes to get your Beddo
ready for bed.


Unpack your Beddo in the room you want it


Place on a flat surface and unbind your Beddo


Unfurl your Beddo


Cut off plastic overwrap and remove inner wrap - your mattress grows to full size right before your eyes


Your Beddo is ready and waiting for you


Climb in and find out the true meaning of a good night's sleep... and even better morning

a modern take on a classic design

take the pressure off

These pressure maps show the pressure points on your body while sleeping. Comparing a conventional inner spring, memory foam and Beddo mattress, you'll see - and feel! - how Beddo dramatically reduces painful pressure points that can keep you from getting the rejuvenating sleep you need.

Beddo by Sobakawa® with
Pressureless™ Foam System

Conventional Support Foam

Memory Foam

care & usage tips

you'll sleep so soundly, you'll need an alarm clock!

Easy is an understatement. Caring for your Beddo is, well, practically carefree!

  • It may take you a few nights to get accustomed to your new Beddo, especially if you've been sleeping on a harsh conventional inner spring mattress. This is perfectly normal. Give it a week and your body will discover just how much it loves the supportive, pressure-relieving comfort of Beddo.
  • No need to ever flip or rotate.
  • Spot clean with mild detergent and warm water.